Audit and Attestation

We have the resources and expertise to perform audits, reviews, and compilations. We specialize in small businesses as well as nonprofits.
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Kathleen Herrera


Kathy is a Certified Public Accountant and has been providing businesses in Nebraska with the highest quality accounting services since 2008. She has over 17 years of experience working with a Fortune 500 company, in many aspects of accounting finance, operations, finance, and staff management. 

What Audit and Attestation Services Do We Offer? 

Our professional audit and attestation services include:

  • Audits
  • Reviews
  • Compilations
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Agreed-upon procedures

Who Do We Work With?

Our team works with individuals, businesses, and nonprofits who need a level of assurance on their financial statements. Often these needs are dictated by lenders or boards of directors.  We’ll help you determine the level of service you need and execute to that level.

We also offer assistance to other small CPA firms who have insufficient staff or skills to perform attestation engagements.

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How Do We Benefit Clients?

It can be difficult in some instances to see why audit and attestation services are necessary or beneficial, but when an audit is performed efficiently, you’ll glean essential information about your business that otherwise might have gone unnoticed.

Audits can be a useful resource as they provide credibility and ensure the confidence of shareholders or investors regarding the integrity of your business’s financial decisions. 

In retrospect, an audit is an investment. It’s a way to guard your business internally and externally by providing organization and structure for all your financial records and potential investments. An audit ensures that the best financial practices are being followed. This is important for both you as a business owner as well as funders and your other shareholders. 

Understanding Attestation 

Along with audits, we provide other attestation services depending on our client’s needs.

  • Audit: an independent examination of your financial statements to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are fairly presented, in all material respects. This is the highest level of assurance.
  • Review: an independent examination of your financial statements to obtain limited assurance about whether we are aware of any material modifications that should be made to the financial statements.
  • Compilation: applying accounting and financial reporting expertise to assist you with the presentation of financial statements. There is no assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements.
  • Preparation: we will assist you in preparing your financial statements in a format required. No assurance is provided on the financial statements.